Orientation Of Diocesan Directors of Hispanic Ministry 2013 in Chicago IL
      Orientation Of Diocesan Directors of Hispanic Ministry 2013 in Chicago IL
      New Executive Board 2013-2016
      Bishop Gustavo Garcia Siller
      Las Vegas Cnference 2013
      Mar Munoz-Visoso
      Las Vegas Conference
    • Orientation for New Diocesan Directors for Hispanic Ministry
      Information for the Orientation for New Diocesan Directors for Hispanic Ministry - March 26-28, 2014 in Chicago
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      Estela Villagran Manancero

      Vice President
      Petra Alexander

      Manuel Aliaga

      Fr. Rafael Rodriguez


      Winner of the Outstanding Diocesan Director for Hispanic Ministry Award for 2013

      Petra Alexander
      Diocesan Director for Hispanic Ministry for the Diocese of San Bernadino.

      Thanks to Loyola Press for sponsoring our award with $500 gift to Petra and $1500 donation to her designated ministry.  The Award was presented recently at NCADDHM's annual conference that took place in Las Vegas in August.  

      The award will be accompanied by a monetary gift given by Loyola Press. Loyola Press, a Jesuit ministry serving the Catholic community in faith formation, education, and spiritual growth since its founding in 1912.  They presented the honoree a $2000 gift - $500 for the honoree and $1500 for discretionary use in her diocesan ministry in recognition of  the recipient’s work.


    • Episcopal Moderator

      Welcome to NCADDHM and our Website!

      Last year on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe I joined the Hispanic bishops in the United States in writing to immigrants, telling them "you are not alone, or forgotten." Often times one of the few ways in which our immigrant sisters and brothers feel loving attention in this country is thanks to the ministry which you directors provide. You help people to feel the dignity that is theirs as children of God and as members of the Body of Christ.

      Having served in Hispanic ministry for a good part of my priestly service, I understand a lot of what you face and I hope as your new episcopal moderator to be able to listen to you and find out what new challenges you now confront. I look forward to hearing from you about how we can work together with the newer generations of the Hispanic population to build up the Church in a healthy way. Coming from Texas, our reality is very different from that of some other parts of the country, but I believe NCADDHM is a good means for dialogue amongst all of us in Hispanic ministry to see how we can learn from each other as to how to further the mission of Christ here in the United States.

      Estamos celebrando 21 años de esta organización que ha servido y sigue sirviendo como un modo de apoyo fraterno entre directores diocesanos. Recordamos como Jesús envió sus discípulos en grupitos de dos, para que tuvieran ese apoyo mutuo. Muchas veces como directores ustedes tienen que pasar largas horas, trabajando solitos, yendo en sus carros de un extremo de la diócesis a otro, solamente acompañados por Cristo en su oración. NCADDHM es una oportunidad de construir lazos de amistad y de apoyo que siguen siendo fuertes aún en el tiempo entre conferencias.  Ojala que este medio de comunicación también nos ayude mantenernos informados y conectados durante todo el año.  Espero que ustedes cuenten con mis oraciones y apoyo también, representando sus inquietudes a la Conferencia de los Obispos.

      Con mis oraciones para que el Señor siga bendiciendo su ministerio,

      + Joe S. Vasquez
      Obispo de Austin